Importance of network reliability is enough undeniable for all utility companies to concern about distribution network monitoring, controlling & automation.  Facilitating mentioned processes needs a mature standard platform widely interoperable with other required systems.

Solution Overview

Hexing prizes its opportunity to provide utility companies by state-of-the-art SCADA platform paving smart grid. Hexing' SCADA system designed based on IEC61970, IEC61968, IEC61850 and IEC60870 series Standards, supporting DL476-92, CDT, DNP3.0, SC1801 6.0, Modbus and OPC Protocols and easily interoperable with other distribution management systems and smart equipment (RTU, FTU, DTU, TTU).

Hexing's SCADA system is a standalone smart platform developed to cover iDMS or SAS systems with foresighted attention to multi-interactional structure and IoT communication.

Representing SCADA system as an individual platform or core of other smart grid systems has various applications in distribution substations management, feeder management, Volt/VAR optimization and advanced network protection and isolation.

Key Benefits

·    Outage reduction

·    Efficient network controlling

·    Increasing network reliability

·    Analyzing fault and failures

·    Fault potential estimation in natural events like storm as well as peak time

·    User-friendly interface over HMI, SLD and PDR functions

·    Data clouding technology

Project value

·           国际标准架构设计


·           系统开放性强


·           Config Tool,配置简易


·           适应不同应用场景


·           用户操作便易