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3 Phase ANSI Meter(HXS300)

Three phase smart ANSI meter which complies with FM16S (HXS300-A+), FM9S (HXS300-A-1+), FM12S (HXS300-2+), also meets the requirements of CA0.2 of ANSI C12.20 standard.

 Key Features: 

1. Four Quadrants Measurement 

2. Multiple communications (RF/PLC/3G/4G) 

3. Time of use 

4. AMI Ready (The RS232 port of the meter is connected with an internal communication module)

5. UL certified 

6. Demand monitoring 

7. Anti-tamper 

8. Load profile 

9. Interoperability 

10. Prepaid/Postpaid switch 

11. Optical communication port (Optional)

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